Welcome to our online art shop

How to buy paintings is an e-commerce site, customers can choose their desired paintings of the world famous artists from this website. Purchase system is easy and user friendly. One can purchase his paintings by using visa or master card. But before the purchase the price of the particular painting must be paid to the authority an it is written on the body of the paintings. After the payment one can get the ordered goods with in the 12 working days. In this case shipment charge is totally free. If any one want to buy the painting with frame feature the buyer will here to pay the price of the frame in addition to the price of the painting or reproduction paintings. In every step of buying and selling the client opinion will be given preference. The authority ensures 100% guarantee of the clients money sent for the purchase. For details, the buying procedure of the artshop may be seen as described below:



Choose the desired painting of different categories from the painting site and click only once on the body of the selected painting.





After a single click on the body of the painting a new window will be opened as per the figure given below.




If you want to buy the painting with frame select the desired frame. Then click on the add to cart button. It will be added with the cart as per the stated figure.





Now click on the shopping cart of the exhibited paintings. A new window will be opened which show total amount of painting or with frame and review the shipping address in the window. As figure shown in below






Now click on continue button of above order review page and appear a new page of Shipping address as below figure. In this page if shipping address is same to billing address then just click to the check mark. If shipping address is different to the billing address then write the different address on the blank address form. Click to next button and opened a new window of ‘order review page’





As per above mentioned specimen, check the order review page so that you can ensure above the shipping address and price of the painting. Now click on the continue button to select the payment system i.e online, bank transfer, bKash etc. If  the payment system is online follow the step-6



In this case of online payment click on visa or master card logo to get the payment gateway to bank and visa or master card information form will be appear and buyer will put his information on the form and write the paintings total amount which shown in his bill. After put all information on the form please check the form again carefully and submit it.